This time I have the chance to talk to the judo brown belt owning CTO of the scooter& mobility startup TIER mobility Matthias Laug. Before TIER he co-founded Lieferando and boy, he's a nice guest to talk to.

We spoke about:

  • Why he puts people over tech
  • What they use to run their large IoT stack
  • His vision of Scooters talking to each other in a huge mesh
  • Why after founding Lieferando and having a large exit , he still started at Thoughtworks
  • When to not do backflips even if you perfected doing them

He also briefly mentions Eric Bowman, Martin Fowler and Pat Kua.

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Fastly is the biggest challenger in the CDN market and  one of the key drivers of the "edge cloud trend". Well-known customers of Fastly are Shopify, The New York Times, Reddit, Github and many many more.  It is also the favorite solution of the alphalist.cto founder Tobi.  

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MongoDB is the successor of the NoSQL movement. It's a very attractive, flexible and simple database system that can be integrated in no time. It makes  DevOps more dev and less ops!  It offers a custom tailored deployment without overprovisioning, sandbox for developers, organized in microservices and clear focus on developer fun and quality. 

Try their new cloud product called MongoDB Atlas (compatible with GCP, AWS or Azure) by going to  https://cloud.mongodb.com and use the promo code: "Podcast2020".

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