Snir Yarom, the CTO at Codility,🧑‍💻- a leading technical assessment platform - shares deep insight into the world of data-driven, technical recruiting 💼 Listen to find out:

  • How to use data 📊 to **optimise **each stage of your technical recruiting pipeline (e.g. sourcing, screening, interviews, assessment etc.)
  • How to lead different tech teams across** cultural divide**s 🇹🇭 🇮🇱 🇩🇪 (e.g. confrontational vs. non-confrontational culture).
  • Why ‘Meeting the Team’ 🤝 is a key step in the hiring process.
  • The best sources of engineers (by conversion rate).

Mentioned On Air

  • Managed AWS - As a smaller team Managed AWS gives us the ability to scale and compete with larger companies, without requiring the manpower to spawn our own machine and write all the code ourselves. Tool

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