David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO of Basecamp and Hey and creator of Ruby-on-Rails💎 blows us away yet again in this thought-provoking podcast 🤯 about bootstrapping, scaling, remote work, and of course Ruby on Rails. Learn insights into technical leadership from someone who has been leading a remote team since 2004 (hint: You are doing Slack and Zoom wrong),  believes in async work, and loves the fact that his company doesn’t have an office 🏢. Plus, after 20 years of creating multi-million dollar SaaS products -  he just made his first middle management hire!! 🤯 Listen to find out:

  • Product discovery: Why he rather ships a product instead of doing discovery with figma prototypes. There is no stronger confirmation than a user that pays for your product
  • Why they capped Basecamps size to 60 for a long time 🧑‍💼and discontinued a lot of products to fully focus
  • How he would bootstrap a startup in  2022 🚀 (e.g. SaaS, remote, small team, nodecode vs. handcrafted software).
  • Why he doesn’t work on Ruby on Rails👨‍💻 full time and why he thinks it’s good for the framework that it’s not commercial at all
  • How Rails 7 brings back developer productivity + pushes UX to the next level WITHOUT a lot of Javascript (No SPA inside!) with Hotwire
  • His favorite productivity tips? He cut down Twitter by 97%

Mentioned On Air

  • Rework - Book written by DHH in which he refers to ASAP as poison Book
  • REMOTE: Office Not Required - Book written by DHH in which he talks about remote working best practices based on over a decade of experience. Book

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