Find out how to ship meaningful products 👍 on time with proper product shaping in this CTO podcast with Ryan Singer, the creator of the Shape Up Method 💪. The Shape Up Method aims to better define and prioritise 🤔 projects before they are sent to be built and shipped. 

Listen to find out: 

  • How to timebox effectively 📅  (SPOILER: Its not 2 or 6  weeks)
  • Why tickets don’t work 🎫
  • What is the ideal team composition 🎨 for each phase of the project. 
  • + Why he doesn’t give specific instructions for the build phase 🏗️ (because everyone does their own thing anyway 🙃)

Mentioned On Air

  • Shape Up - Book written by Ryan Singer in which he shows how to stop running in circles and ship work that matters Book
  • Competing Against Luck - -Book by Clayton M. Christensen on how develop products and services customers not only want to buy, but are willing to pay premium prices for. Book
  • Demand-Side Sales 101 - Book by Bob Moesta which shifts the focus of sales from selling, to helping people buy and make progress in their lives Book
  • Shaping in a Nutshell - An introductory video from Ryan that covers all of Shape Up in under twenty minutes Video
  • Shaping in Real Life - Ryan’s video course that teaches the skills of shaping one-by-one, so product leaders can define a custom-fit process for their team Course

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