Get insight into product analytics from Dr. Thanasis Noulas, VP Engineering at TradeRepublic - whose 15+ year data career has spanned industries as diverse as trading, accommodation (Booking.com & AirBnB),  Mobility  (Uber) and Content (Netflix).  Listen to find out:

  • How to be data-informed when you can’t be data-driven (e.g. in a regulated industry ​​⚠️)  
  • How to A/B test correctly (sample size, old users/new users, tools)
  • Build vs.Buy 🛒 and the data tech stack.
  • Why you should spend more time with your overperformers 🏆​​ than underperformers
  • What the recent tech layoffs teach us about transparency🔮
  • his quarterly calendar ​​🗓️ defragmentation hack



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