Learn about the future of front-end with Malte Ubl (CTO at Vercel). Malte is the creator of JSConf.eu and has extensive experience in engineering teams on projects like Wiz (the front-end framework Google still uses in most of their consumer apps) and Google Search (Desktop). Now he is at Vercel - mainstreaming the tools and techniques common in BigTech - to other tech companies.  Listen to find out:

  • The CTO Role: how he balances ⚖️  Product 💡 and Engineering 🔧
  • How to decide on a front-end stack - from frameworks to languages 👀
  • Where most Engineering A/B🧪 tests fail
  • The tech stack at Vercel

Listen here:  https://alphalist.com/podcast/71-malte-ubl-cto-vercel

Mentioned On Air

  • Qwik - Framework with a similar premise to Wiz Tool



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