It is time to stop learning the computer’s programming language, and get computers to learn our language.  Prepare think different - or should we say alien 👾 - in this CTO podcast with Stephen Wolfram (Founder & CEO of Wolfram Research). Find out why we need to use computational thinking to create code in a way humans can both write ✍️ and read 📖.  Listen to find out: 

  • What is the programming workflow of the future? 🔮 (SPOILER: Think NLU +  LLM + computational layer)
  • What is a LUI (Linguistic User Interface) 💬?
  • Why  should you make your company computable 🖥️?
  • What happens at the intersection of technology and judgement?🤔
  • Why the next development in LLMs won’t be so dramatic 📈
  • Why they run on-prem 🗄️?
  • + why they livestream code reviews?🧑‍💻
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