Did you know that effective 1:1s will 3X your employee engagement? 🤩 Maximise your 1:1 meetings 🤝 by leveraging the meeting science discovered by Steven Rogelberg (Chancellor's Professor at UNC Charlotte and author of 2 top-ranked books about meeting science: “The Surprising Science of Meetings” and “Glad We Met: The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings”). As an organisational psychologist 🧑‍🔬who has advised US Congress 🏛️and Fortune100 companies on workplace matters, Steven is here to share with CTOs the evidence-based 🧐  science that will not only maximise meetings, but also realise their full potential🚀. Listen to find out:

  • How can we realise the full potential of a 1:1 when it comes to relationships and  productivity? Where do async tools fit in?
  • What are common mistakes to avoid in your 1:1? 🫣
  • How often 🤔 should you meet with your direct reports?  🗓️
  • How do you evaluate  🧪 the quality  of your 1:1s? 
  • How many DRs 👥 can a person have? Can you delegate the 1:1?

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