Invest your engineering resources better by truly understanding the core problem your product needs to solve with this CTO podcast featuring Bob Moesta, co-architect of the Jobs to be Done Theory,  who has developed and launched over 3500 products.  As an engineer-turned-product-guru, Bob’s explanation of Product Discovery will delight your nerd brain 🧠 (complete with references to set theory, push-pull forces, and the problem space) while being super practical 🔧about the challenges CTOs are dealing with  (like scope creep and tradeoffs). Listen to find out:

  • Why “Build and They Will Come” is a Myth 🫣
  • SAM (Serviceable Addressable Market) vs. TAM
  • Why engineers should be involved in product discovery 🧐
  • Customer Interviews: Who to Ask and What to Ask 
  • Why tradeoffs should be influenced by the opinions of those who already bought 🫠
  • Hypothesis Building Research vs Hypothesis Proving Research
  • go inside Tobi’s brain to understand his purchase of his expresso machine. ☕Was it a sudden purchase or was it years of ‘forces’ at play. (“The Force made me buy it” 🌬️)

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Your project deserves an exceptional team, and your teams deserve the best support! Pentalog is a software company part of Globant, global leader in digital transformation and AI. As a key partner in digital innovation for major international brands such as Google, Disney, Fifa, Adidas, Tripadvisor, Santander or Nissan, the company brings over 20 years of technology expertise into industry transformation and customer experience reinvention through 40 specialized studios, 52 production centers, and 29,000 carefully evaluated experts. Pentalog also invests heavily in continuous education for tech leaders by building tools such as the CTO assessment, decision-making matrices and maturity models, and various resources exploring a tech leader’s role and challenges. To learn more, visit the Resources for Tech Leaders page on the Pentalog website.

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WorkGenius provides a unique freelance hiring and management solution that covers the entire process from start to finish. We use advanced technology to make it easier and faster for businesses to find skilled freelancers who have been thoroughly vetted. With WorkGenius, you get a comprehensive solution for managing freelancers throughout their engagement. We simplify the hiring process, project management, payroll, and reporting, allowing organizations to make the most of their freelance talent pool and effortlessly manage their existing freelancers. Start your journey with WorkGenius - head over to www.workgenius.com/alphalist connect with an expert, and find the perfect match for your engineering needs.

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Sipgate is a cloud-based all-in-one telephony solution that will satisfy your company's pretty much every use case.  From sales to customer support - having a good connection with your customers has never been easier. The NEW Sipgate App comes with AI-powered features, noise-canceling, and a seamless integration with other business tools like all major CRMs - Your sales team will love it. Their intuitive user interface makes business calling even more efficient and is available on any device or operating system. Great for hybrid teams.  Plus, as a German company - they know all your GDPR needs.   As an alphalist CTO podcast listener, you can get the sipgate app - CLINQ - with all its features  - for free - for the first 3 months as a new customer.   Just visit https://link.alphalist.com/sipgate and use the code: sipgatealpha in the form there.

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